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  • How to Create Easy & Simple Videos That Get Better SEO

    The Digital Delusion - @doylebuehler
    Doyle Buehler
    11 Aug 2015 | 12:18 am
    Video killed your SEO? I get this question a lot, and thought I would share some of the answers with you – about creating simple videos and video ‘SEO’ and stuff. First things first – make sure you are delivering your “why” – your value across this platform. It doesn’t need to be complicated either, but you need to connect with your audience with a clear reason. A lot of people also think that they must have a written blog… if you are more comfortable with a video blog, then just use that! But, you will need a bit of both. From the other…
  • Advice from a young TED speaker: Start a TED-Ed Club at your school

    TED Blog
    Kate Torgovnick May
    28 Aug 2015 | 2:34 pm
    “We kids still dream about perfection. That’s a good thing, because in order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first,” said Adora Svitak on the TED stage in 2010, when she was 12. She’s now a TED-Ed intern, and wishes she’d had TED-Ed Clubs in high school to help her bat around ideas. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED If you watch my TED Talk from 2010, you might see a confident 12-year-old, cracking jokes and striding around the stage in glasses that keep sliding down her nose. You won’t see me going home and crying, or starting every page in my…
  • Inside Google's master plan for faster, sharper streaming video

    CNET News
    Stephen Shankland
    29 Aug 2015 | 2:26 am
    Google is working on a new technology called VP10 that will allow it to squeeze higher-quality video over broadband and mobile networks. And thanks to patent issues with a rival standard, it has a chance to catch on.
  • US presidential election digital ad spend to exceed $1bn

    digital media - Bing News
    28 Aug 2015 | 1:05 am
    Research from Borrell Associates, published in Forbes claimed that over half of all US election digital media spend will be funnelled into social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. With political advertising in 2016 set to hit $11.4bn - a ...

    29 Aug 2015 | 2:14 am
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    TED Blog

  • Advice from a young TED speaker: Start a TED-Ed Club at your school

    Kate Torgovnick May
    28 Aug 2015 | 2:34 pm
    “We kids still dream about perfection. That’s a good thing, because in order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first,” said Adora Svitak on the TED stage in 2010, when she was 12. She’s now a TED-Ed intern, and wishes she’d had TED-Ed Clubs in high school to help her bat around ideas. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED If you watch my TED Talk from 2010, you might see a confident 12-year-old, cracking jokes and striding around the stage in glasses that keep sliding down her nose. You won’t see me going home and crying, or starting every page in my…
  • The music of sign language, a computer of water drops: 21 TED Fellows share ideas that swim against the tide

    Kate Torgovnick May
    28 Aug 2015 | 11:55 am
    Meklit Hadero finds inspiration for her music all around her — as she listens to the calls of birds, and to the way human voices rise and fall in pitch. She showed how she shapes these influences into songs in Session 1 of the TED Fellows Retreat. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED Tides are strong. They move swiftly, sweeping all toward the shore. But TED Fellows refuse to simply drift with the water. They are innovators, advocates and artists who challenge the status quo and work in the spaces between disciplines. At the second TED Fellows Retreat — held from August 25-28, 2015, and themed…
  • Black Lives Matter: A playlist of powerful StoryCorps interviews

    Kate Torgovnick May
    26 Aug 2015 | 8:52 am
    LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman took tape recorders into the Ida B. Wells Homes in Chicago to record a week of their lives in 1993. The material became a radio documentary, Ghetto Life 101. Working on it with them showed me the importance of listening to all Americans. Photo: John Brooks, courtesy of StoryCorps Ghetto Life 101 changed my life. I started working on this radio documentary 25 years ago — I gave tape recorders to two kids growing up in the Ida B. Wells Homes in Chicago, one of the most notorious public housing projects in America, and asked them to document a week in their…
  • The beauty of calligraphy, the power of street art: We watch eL Seed create ‘calligraffiti’

    Karen Eng
    21 Aug 2015 | 1:00 pm
    This wall looks abstract. But it reads: “It is one thing to show a man that he is in error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.” Artist eL Seed painted this John Locke quote for the Shubbak Festival in Shoreditch, London. Here, he poses in front of the mural in progress, after two days of painting. Photo: Karen Eng Artist eL Seed fuses the beauty of Arabic letters with the modern art of graffiti — an art form he calls calligraffiti. He paints colorful, undulating messages of hope and peace on buildings all over the world — from the favelas of Rio de…
  • A community for those who like to be alone, grown out of a blockbuster TED Talk

    Kate Torgovnick May
    21 Aug 2015 | 11:33 am
    Melissa Ng makes 3D-printed masks. She found inspiration on how to run a company, despite her quiet nature, from Susan Cain’s TED Talk and new website, Quiet Revolution. Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Ng Scott Drummond had been in the Air Force for eight years. It was 1994, and he was eligible to become a commissioned officer, the Air Force’s version of a manager. The average person gets the job after three interviews. Drummond interviewed 16 times over the next ten years before he got the job. Looking back at his career, Drummond — now a director of inspections with the Indiana Air…
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    29 Aug 2015 | 2:14 am
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  • “China: Through the Looking Glass” Is Set to Close

    29 Aug 2015 | 2:14 am
    The clock is ticking to catch the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass, which closes next weekend. Today the museum announced it will be extending hours on Friday, September 4th, and Saturday, September 5th, remaining open to the public for three additional hours, closing at midnight. The exhibition, which opened on May […] Daily Front Row The post “China: Through the Looking Glass” Is Set to Close appeared first on Hollywoodbyte.
  • Miley Cyrus Went In On Nicki Minaj

    29 Aug 2015 | 2:05 am
    Miley Cyrus seen leaving ABC studios after Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing bright colours and bunny earsFeaturing: Miley CyrusWhere: Los Angeles, California, United StatesWhen: 26 Aug 2015Credit: Miley Cyrus seen leaving ABC studios after Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing bright colours and bunny ears Featuring: Miley Cyrus Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 26 Aug 2015 Credit: Miley Cyrus seen leaving ABC studios after Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing bright... The post Miley Cyrus Went In On Nicki Minaj appeared first on Hollywoodbyte.
  • The Celebrity Big Brother House Is Gonna Need A Cleansing Fire

    28 Aug 2015 | 8:07 pm
    Celebrity Big Brother ‘UK versus USA’ Launch Night at Elstree Studios, HertfordshireFeaturing: Farrah AbrahamWhere: London, United KingdomWhen: 27 Aug 2015Credit: Celebrity Big Brother ‘UK versus USA’ Launch Night at Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire Featuring: Farrah Abraham Where: London, United Kingdom When: 27 Aug 2015 Credit: Tila Tequila BOREHAMWOOD, ENGLAND – AUGUST 27: Tila Tequila enters the Celebrity Big Brother house at Elstree Studios on August 27, 2015 in Borehamwood,... The post The Celebrity Big Brother House Is Gonna Need A…
  • Fringe dress

    28 Aug 2015 | 6:13 pm
    Official LOOKBOOK RSS The post Fringe dress appeared first on Hollywoodbyte.
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    Home Media Magazine

  • Alabama Nixes Proposed Tax on Video Streaming, Digital Rentals

    Erik Gruenwedel
    28 Aug 2015 | 4:24 pm
    Taxes in politically conservative Alabama are as popular as a Crimson Tide college football loss. Thus, it wasn’t surprising when the Alabama Department of Revenue last month retracted a regulatory amendment that would have effectively imposed a 4% rental tax on streaming services such as Netflix. The department in June sought to extend taxes on rental digital transmissions, including transactional video-on-demand movies, TV shows, subscription streaming and audio, effective Oct. 1. The proposed tax (ADOR Rule No. 810-6-5-.09 Leasing and Rental of Tangible Personal Property) came as…
  • Lionsgate Partners With Take-Two for Game-Themed 'Borderlands' Movie

    Erik Gruenwedel
    28 Aug 2015 | 1:49 pm
    Lionsgate is expanding its movie portfolio beyond teen franchises, superheroes and board games. The studio Aug. 28 announced a deal with Take-Two Interactive to adapt Gearbox Software’s video game Borderlands into a major feature film. The sci-fi actioner has shipped more than 26 million copies around the world since its launch in 2009, including 8 million copies during T2’s current fiscal year. Lionsgate will partner with producers Avi and Ari Arad, who have worked on Marvel’s Iron Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Ghost Rider and Blade. “The 'Borderlands'…
  • Amazon's Justyn Egert Joins EMA Board

    Erik Gruenwedel
    28 Aug 2015 | 9:02 am
    Justyn Egert, head of the digital video store for Amazon Instant Video, has joined the Entertainment Merchants Association’s board of directors. Egert has been with Amazon since 2001, and previously headed the print-on-demand service in the United Kingdom, launch of the Kindle, and was in charge of digital video vendor relations. Prior to Amazon, Egert worked for Accenture.
 He earned his bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Washington. Recent new EMA board members include Mike Saksa, SVP of content for Redbox, and Michael Aragon, VP and GM of…
  • Scorpion: Season One (Blu-ray Review)

    John Latchem
    28 Aug 2015 | 2:26 am
    Street 9/1/15 Paramount/CBS Drama $64.99 six-DVD set, $76.99 five-disc Blu-ray Not rated. Stars Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, Ari Stidham, Robert Patrick, Riley B. Smith. There’s an episode during the early run of this freshman CBS procedural that involves computer software that can create hip new songs by emulating the traits of other hits. I might have assumed this show had been created the same way if a featurette didn’t delve into the real story. To wit, two of the biggest scripted shows on TV at the moment are “The Big Bang Theory”…
  • GameStop Downsizing Video Game Shelf Space

    Erik Gruenwedel
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:38 pm
    GameStop, the nation’s largest video game retail chain, is downsizing in-store space devoted to video games as it ups collectibles and trend, including action figures, T-shirts, posters, gifts and merchandise related to Hollywood movies and TV shows. Dubbed “Loot,” the business unit started as an experiment in Australia two years ago and now represents GameStop’s fastest-growing segment, up 200% year-over-year. The retailer plans to incorporate recently acquired e-commerce site ThinkGeek into the merchandise fold as well, selling collectibles related to Marvel,…
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    WordPress Tag: Digital Media

  • Still Standing, yeah, yeah, yeah

    29 Aug 2015 | 3:04 am
    “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” ~ Universal Proverb UPDATE: Frankie’s barking, making dashes and sitting on all fours, shaky but perseverant, obviously bored but like monkey somewhat irrepressible, this is today, slightly dodgy but impeccably tuxedoed…
  • Instagram: a restauranteur's #dreamcometrue

    29 Aug 2015 | 12:15 am
    “In today’s day and age of technology and IT-driven lifestyle, trending applications and real-time sharing is the next big thing. Spanning across dating apps, social networks, pin boards, and photo sharing, we’ve all got something to say and share. What does this mean for brands today? Extra marketing efforts or free advertising gained?” With the increasing use of digital marketing, corporate houses and start-ups, alike, leverage the web and new media to connect with its consumers on a daily basis. Today’s entrepreneurs and marketing managers have access to…
  • File:Loki Agent of Asgard Vol 1 14.jpg

    28 Aug 2015 | 7:34 pm
    ←Older revision Revision as of 02:24, August 29, 2015 Line 6: Line 6:   | GalleryDescription =   | GalleryDescription =     | Source = | Source = Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol 1 1   | Permission =   | Permission =   | Issue =   | Issue =     | Universe = | Universe = Earth-616 | Subject1 = | Subject1 = Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616)   | Subject2 =   | Subject2 =   | Subject3 =   | Subject3 = from Marvel Database – Recent changes [en]…
  • File:Captain America and the Mighty Avengers Vol 1 8 Textless.jpg

    28 Aug 2015 | 7:34 pm
    ←Older revision Revision as of 02:22, August 29, 2015 Line 3: Line 3:   | License = Comic Cover   | License = Comic Cover   | ImageType = Textless Cover   | ImageType = Textless Cover | Description = | Description = Textless Version   | GalleryDescription =   | GalleryDescription =     | Source = | Source = Captain America and the Mighty Avengers Vol 1 8   | Permission =   | Permission =   | Issue =   | Issue =     | Universe = | Universe =…
  • File:Captain America and the Mighty Avengers Vol 1 8.jpg

    28 Aug 2015 | 7:33 pm
    ←Older revision Revision as of 02:17, August 29, 2015 Line 6: Line 6:   | GalleryDescription =   | GalleryDescription =     | Source = | Source = Captain America and the Mighty Avengers Vol 1 8   | Permission =   | Permission =   | Issue =   | Issue =     | Universe = | Universe = Earth-616 | Subject1 = | Subject1 = Mighty Avengers (Cage) (Earth-616) | Subject2 = | Subject2 = Dave Griffith (Earth-616) | Subject3 = | Subject3 = Adam Brashear (Earth-616) |…
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    WordPress Tag: Digital Entertainment

  • #famestar LIVE, A Must Watch Event

    Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
    24 Aug 2015 | 2:39 am
    We all have talents within us, but we hesitate to exhibit it in front of others. Sometimes because w
  • Digital Entertainment Walking Tour

    28 Jun 2015 | 8:44 pm
    I was that teacher who told students, “playing video games will not prepare you for work.” So imagine my reaction when Kate from the digital entertainment industry asked if the school district would be interested to connect with them regarding homegrown talent. First off, I had to phone a VSB parent to ask if “dhx” was a legitimate business. “Karen” she said, “my daughter works there.” OK, I thought, this sounds promising. Kate and I had a lengthy phone conversation that spanned my 50-minute commute from South Granville to New Westminster. I even had to sit in my driveway to…
  • A new place for fun coming soon – best digital creativity for business and life

    8 Jun 2015 | 9:47 am
    Do you like digital fun and entertainment? Get visibility while you have fun! Watch, listen, play, read, learn, review, rate, share. Discover the good things around the world!  Join the website now, become an author for FREE & let others know your suggestions, links, opinion and vision. digital fun no limit! A new concept is coming and you will enjoy it like never before. For Business & Individuals, all of you will benefit from it. KEEP HAPPY, GOOD AND THE BEST IN THE MARKET: IMPROVE YOUR LIFE AND WORLD FOREVER. is your best place to find and share the best…
  • Konami Clarifies "Mobile First" Statement

    3 Jun 2015 | 5:08 am
    Konami Digital Entertainment have re-issued their statement regarding the company’s reported mobile based future, and apologized to fans for the miscommunication. The previous statement caused outcry in the gaming community, leading many to believe that the company would focus solely on producing mobile games. Reported by Nikkei, company president Hideki Hayakawa explained that “Konami’s idea of Mobile First is not at all to focus purely on mobile games.” It appears that the company are not stepping down from producing console games, as was suggested. Hayakawa went…
  • eLDee’s Play Data, the White Knight to the rescue?

    Obinna "Obie" Osisiogu
    7 May 2015 | 6:49 am
    Erstwhile musician, eLDee (Lanre Dabiri) recently announced a venture of his, PlayData. The innovative nature of the tech project proffers bold promises to our fledgling music and broadcasting industry. I decided to share my expectations of this venture. At the risk of over flogging a point that has severally been reiterated among the elites of the Nigerian music industry, I must point out that music from Nigerian has impacted lifestyles within and outside Africa in no small measure. Nigerian music began to acquire its identity between the ‘60s and the ‘80s which has been described as the…
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    On the Media

  • Broad Questions

    WNYC Studios
    27 Aug 2015 | 9:00 pm
    The push for a female libido pill reveals misunderstandings about female sexuality. Plus: Jorge Ramos' confrontation with the GOP front-runner makes him a target; a guide to misreporting the stock market; an Instagram star is revealed as a joke-thief; and Twitter vs. Politiwoops.
  • Summer Listens #8: Crackerjack

    WNYC Studios
    26 Aug 2015 | 3:42 pm
    Each week through Labor Day, we'll be pulling an OTM gem from our vast archives for you to enjoy on the beach, in a park... or on a sticky subway, while imagining you're on a beach. For the eighth episode of our summer listening series, former producer-at-large Mike Pesca (now host of the Gist) takes a look at the sweetest part of America's favorite pastime. To hear more of our summer listening, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, and leave a review while you're there! And as always, follow us on twitter @OnTheMedia.
  • Lies and Spies

    WNYC Studios
    20 Aug 2015 | 9:00 pm
    A decade after Hurricane Katrina, the story of two nursing home owners who became media scapegoats for the tragedy in New Orleans. Plus, a bit of indulgent speculation about a Trump presidency, the NSA's "house philosopher," and activists protesting new surveillance technologies with a tool of the past: faxes. 
  • Looking Backward On The Presidency Of Donald Trump

    WNYC Studios
    20 Aug 2015 | 9:39 am
    On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Impossible? Sure. But it happened anyway. From the not too distant future, we relive the shock and confusion of those early days and trace the path, tragically predictable but not without surprises, of the next four years. How could such a thing happen? What did it mean? And is it possible that it wasn't all bad?  Adapted from the article by Jon Lovett for The Atlantic. Narration by Andy Lanset Trump impersonation by Ed Kelly
  • Summer Listens #7: Playing One On TV

    WNYC Studios
    19 Aug 2015 | 8:47 am
    Each week through Labor Day, we'll be pulling an OTM gem from our vast archives for you to enjoy on the beach, in a park... or on a sticky subway, while imagining you're on a beach. For the seventh episode of our summer listening series, one man heads on a quixotic quest to become a TV pundit. Some television talking heads seem born for the job; others needs a little more help, as you'll soon see. To hear more of our summer listening, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, and leave a review while you're there! And as always, follow us on…
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  • 7 Trends Impacting How We Use Digital Assets

    10 Aug 2015 | 2:20 pm
    Today's customers demand engaging visual content whenever they interact with brands—whether these experiences happen through traditional media such as billboards and catalogs or through mobile apps and websites. Without the right assets, delivered in the right ways, companies can't enable the meaningful, personalized customer interactions pivotal to success. Managing content versions, approvals, and optimizing assets in real time for multi-device viewing are just a few of the hurdles that must be overcome to maximize asset value.Download this new Adobe white paper to discover the seven…
  • Adobe Mobile Marketing Survey

    10 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    With the explosive growth in smartphone and tablet usage over the past five years, most marketers have developed strategies to engage customers via mobile channels. In this Adobe survey, we analyzed and benchmarked best practices among mobile marketers, from “experts” in the field to more recent arrivals. We found that more experienced mobile marketers have learned to reach customers across devices and platforms and adapt their mobile investments as they mature.Download this Adobe Mobile Marketing Survey to discover the big-picture view of investments in mobile by leading marketers--and…
  • The Design Advantage

    10 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    Design is more than just an artistic endeavor. It is a philosophy and culture that influences every business decision. Companies who embrace design create more appealing content and deliver better brand experiences. Customers expect these brand experiences, and they want them personalized on every device and platform. With modern tools and workflows, companies can now create content at the velocity needed to meet with customer demands — creating loyalty and boosting revenue.Ultimately, delivering better customer experiences allows organizations to differentiate themselves in the…
  • HP-NVIDIA Computer Graphics Masters Review

    14 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    See how some of the extraordinary imagery being created for today's movies, broadcast TV and commercials is being developed and how hardware from HP and professional graphics from NVIDIA help creative professionals make this magic happen.Sponsored by: HP and NVIDIA© Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. NVIDIA and the NVIDIA logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.Request Free!
  • 3G/4G Digital Signage Guide

    8 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    Combined with cloud-enabled network management and content delivery systems, 3G and 4G wireless broadband networks are propelling digital signage deployments at an accelerated pace. In countless venues, digital signage networked via wireless broadband cellular signal penetrates hard-to-reach locations and new markets, and can achieve a faster return on investment.Request Free!
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  • The Essentials of Networking and Communications Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit

    27 Aug 2015 | 7:50 am
    The Essentials of Networking and Communications – Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your networking and communications decisions.The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your networking and communications research:How SevOne is Revolutionizing Network ManagementThe Path to Value in the CloudBeyond the Next Generation: Putting Advanced Network Security To WorkRequest Free!
  • Unified Communications or Video Conferencing?

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    The ability to seamlessly connect with colleagues and customers over long distances without technical difficulties is the dream of every modern organization. Two technologies poised to provide that service are Unified Communications and Video Conferencing.Request Free!
  • The True Price of Video Conferencing

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    However, video conferencing comes with various costs, both financial and non-tangible, that many users do not forsee. Download this infographic to take a closer look at these hidden costs!Request Free!
  • The Hidden Costs of Video Conferencing

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    However, video conferencing does come with hidden costs that many users do not foresee. These costs are not only financial, but also in the form of non-monetary potential risks. Let us take a closer look at these specific hidden costs that many video conferencing users don't learn until it's too late.Read this white paper to learn about precautions that you can take to minimize the costs involved when implementing a video conferencing solution into your business.Request Free!
  • The Impact of Identity Theft in an Always-Connected World

    25 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    Today's workers and consumers conduct more transactions online and through mobile devices than ever before. Their always-connected lifestyles free them to work and play as they like, but may increase the risk of identity fraud.Request Free!
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  • Fancy a miniature for your mantelpiece?

    Ian Failes
    27 Aug 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Propstore is hosting an entertainment memorabilia auction on 23 September. Amongst the many props, replicas, wardrobe items and movie history are several effects miniatures and VFX pieces. One item I love is this Martian Giant Robot CGI Texture Reference Model from Mars Attacks! It was actually used by the VFX team (Warner Digital Services) in texturing their CG version for the film. There’s more pics at the link, too. Happy bidding.
  • Thrill of the chase – The Man From U.N.C.L.E

    Ian Failes
    27 Aug 2015 | 10:52 pm
    The Man From U.N.C.L.E. offers up some great action scenes, and plenty of seamless visual effects work thanks to overall supe Richard Bain and teams at RiseFX, Cinesite and BlueBolt. I found out how three of the best chase scenes in the film were made.
  • Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn – what is that?

    Ian Failes
    26 Aug 2015 | 8:41 pm
    That’s what I said to myself the first couple of times I heard about this seemingly obscure art/design/vfx conference in Portugal. But now about to hit its third year, Trojan Horse has in fact become one of the most sort out events of the year. In fact, it sold out in March (places are limited to 500 people). So now the organisers have created a great way for people who can’t go to Portugal to still experience Trojan Horse – via ‘THU TV’ – a livestream and post produced channel. All the info is in our fxguide story.
  • Masters of FX: How the BAT from Dark Knight Rises was made

    Ian Failes
    21 Aug 2015 | 5:41 pm
    In my new book Masters of FX I profile 16 of the world’s best effects supervisors. One of the greats is special effects supe Chris Corbould, a veteran of the Bond franchise and Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception. Chris had worked on so many films, in fact, that I couldn’t fit in the book everything he had done. So I’m pleased to now present Chris’ behind the scenes notes of the making of the BAT for The Dark Knight Rises, a vehicle that required close collaboration with the director, production designer, stunts and other effects teams on the film.
  • How one VFX artist made these 3 minutes of madness

    Ian Failes
    19 Aug 2015 | 9:14 pm
    Visual effects artist Alf Lovvold has made an incredible CG short pretty much on his own and rendering it all on the GPU. I asked him about the process. Includes some neat befores and afters and videos.
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    Digital Tonto

  • How The Collapse Of The Cable Business Model Will Bring A New Era Of Television

    26 Aug 2015 | 5:14 am
    As the cable business model starting to unravel, we can expect an explosion of creative energy that will usher in a new golden age of TV. Related posts: The Future Of TV Is Here. Can Cable Survive?... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Despite The Headlines, The Future Has Never Been Brighter

    23 Aug 2015 | 4:51 am
    The mark of an age is not the problems it faces, but the solutions it creates. Related posts: If We Are Going To Compete For The Future, We Need To Do These 6 Things 5 Reasons To Be Optimistic... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • How To Build Trust, Even With Your Enemies

    19 Aug 2015 | 3:19 am
    Trust is personal, not professional. It can’t be legislated or mandated but arises out of shared experience. Related posts: How to Build Cooperation A Guide to Game Theory and Negotiations The... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • The Efficiency Paradox

    16 Aug 2015 | 4:34 am
    Leaders today can no longer afford to think in conventional terms of efficiency, but must shape networks in the context of a shared mission. Related posts: Leaders Must Do More Than Inspire—We Must... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • How To Build An Effective Culture

    12 Aug 2015 | 5:08 am
    It is not enough to promote a strong culture.  You have to ask, culture in the service of what? Related posts: How to Build an Innovative Culture How To Create A Culture Of Change How to Build... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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    Early adopter...early predictor...

  • Google Alphabet Soup. Guide to all companies Google.

    Jared Hendler
    12 Aug 2015 | 10:26 am
    There has been so much discussion around the restructuring of Google I thought it would be helpful to post a complete list of all of the Google companies along with some key articles to better understand the restructure. The depth and breadth of their holdings are massive. The ratio of innovation and disruption across the organization is unmatched by any other holding company across the globe. A brief explanation of the holding structure of the new entity. Why some folks, like BMW are a bit ruffled about the name. Why they did it. To maintain innovation leadership. The URL for the new company…
  • Why the TV Networks should start their own MCNs.

    Jared Hendler
    4 Aug 2015 | 10:50 am
    While Hollywood was sleeping against a backdrop of cat videos, the democratization of media delivered power back into the hands of the content creators. Multi-Channel Networks (MCN), a combination of digital channel curators and digital talent agents jumped at the opportunity to sort the (YouTube) wheat from the chaff. The MCNs signed on the best talent and aggregated those channels under their umbrella to claim reach and influence in the hundreds of millions. Most Millennials now recognize and follow digital talent way ahead of those on TV. The balance of power is shifting. In response,…
  • Using Brand Data to develop the right content.

    Jared Hendler
    13 Jul 2015 | 10:53 am
    The traditional television networks had to be all things to all people. In order to distribute their content, they needed deep infrastructure along with multiple broadcast, cable and FCC licensing agreements. Today everyone is a broadcaster and the costs are minimal. Brands used to have to buy their way into a network’s broader audience – now they can target their exact audience directly, while owning the content. It’s a big shift in thinking as marketers go from paid to earned and learn how rich the rewards are for bringing something valuable to an audience that will become…
  • Apple Music is a complete disaster.

    Jared Hendler
    6 Jul 2015 | 10:20 pm
    I just wrote about how Apple may be blocking Spotify from working seamlessly with their hardware. I was worried that these type of tactics from Apple may give AppleMusic the upper hand. In some ways I wanted Apple’s new service to give me a great reason to switch as all of my owned tracks still sat in iTunes and the idea of having everything integrated into one place made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, aside from the deeper hardware integration, AppleMusic was a total disaster and here’s why. Sound quality. Maybe my ears need tuning but Apple’s service is all treble and no bass.
  • AppleMusic & the detail that may kill Spotify.

    Jared Hendler
    30 Jun 2015 | 12:58 am
    I love Spotify. When Beats first came out I went on the free trial and found that both the content curation and user experience (UX/UI) to be way better. For a first version I was amazed at how good Beats was. Back then Spotify was still a bit clunky and basic functions like searching your saved playlists by artist were missing from the app. But I stuck with them, for 3 main reasons. First, my playlists were all organized and saved – the main barrier to exit for most people. Second, I loved the social interaction (Facebook integration) and song sharing between friends as a personal…
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    Digital Pivot RSS News Feed

  • Instagram Bans #Curvy

    Jennifer Graber
    29 Aug 8134 | 6:37 am
    Summary: There used to be no shortages of stories about body shaming. People were being pitted against one another simply for being different, but the truth is that every person is beautiful in their own way. We each have qualities that make our souls shine just a bit brighter. It is this truth that has caused people to begin to stand up for one another, to stand up for themselves. It has become more common for people to show off this pride in a variety of ways. One such way is, of course, social media.
  • Tinder Gets Its Feelings Hurt

    Jessica Cherok
    29 Aug 7359 | 6:39 am
    Summary: For a dating app based largely on superficials and the gamification of dating, Tinder sure does seem to take itself seriously. So when Vanity Fair published an article about how Tinder was ruining romance, Tinder went ballistic on Twitter about it.
  • Twitter's Making It Hard for You to Steal Jokes

    Jessica Cherok
    29 Aug 4514 | 6:38 am
    Summary: If you're a joke-stealing hack, Twitter is about to become a whole lot less fun for you. The social media site is now removing tweets containing material that has been reported as stolen. Twitter blocks the tweet with a message saying "This Tweet from @[user] has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder."
  • Spotify Bumbles Policy Change Announcement

    Jessica Cherok
    29 Aug 4341 | 6:40 am
    Summary: Sometimes, in an effort to make your service better, you also succeed in scaring the hell out of your customers. Such was the case with Spotify's new privacy policy and what it calls "a lot of confusion." When you read through the new policy, it sounds a lot like Spotify will now be able to track your location...
  • One Man Wins Facebook Customer Service Trolling

    Jessica Cherok
    29 Aug 3181 | 6:39 am
    Summary: This week, a fake Facebook account claiming to be Target Customer Service trolled angry Target customers so hard, our sides split from laughing. Now, most of the time, Internet trolling ranges from incredibly lame to downright awful. But every once in a while, someone trolls in the most entertaining kind of way. This was one of those times.
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  • Evan Carmichael: YouTube Channel Review - Through the 'Reel' Wringer

    Matt Ballek
    28 Aug 2015 | 10:23 am
    Video marketing series 'Through the Wringer' takes an in-depth look at a YouTube channel and reviews the content, programming, marketing, and audience strategy for clues to success. This week, Evan Carmichael gets the Reel Wringer treatment.
  • Donald Trump More Popular With Female Viewers on YouTube Than Hillary Clinton

    Greg Jarboe
    28 Aug 2015 | 8:23 am
    In the past 30 days, Republican Presidential candidates Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush, have generated more engagement from female viewers on YouTube than Hillary Clinton. But engagement from male viewers still far outweighs that of female viewers, by 9 to 1 in some cases.
  • Facebook Content ID for Video is Coming, Addresses Freebooting

    Mark R Robertson
    27 Aug 2015 | 1:12 pm
    The issue of freebooted video content being uploaded to Facebook is a serious issue for many media companies, brands, and creators. But today, Facebook has publicly addressed the problem and promised more robust rights management for licensed video content.
  • How Buzzfeed is Taking Over the World - One Video at a Time

    Carla Marshall
    27 Aug 2015 | 7:15 am
    In July 2015, videos uploaded to BuzzFeed properties generated over 1.9B views across the main video platforms, and 5 out of the top 20 most watched videos in the past 90 days are videos posted to Buzzfeed accounts. We take a look at how Buzzfeed is taking over the world, one video at a time.
  • JJ Watt and Gatorade Teach Us 8 Lessons in Video Marketing

    Andy Smith
    26 Aug 2015 | 7:47 am
    Gatorade has teamed up with NFL superstars JJ Watt, and Peyton and Eli Manning, on a new campaign that encourages students to “Sweat It to Get It” if they want to try the sports drink. We take a look at the ads and tell you 8 reasons why we love them, and why video marketers should too.
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  • Here's everything we know about Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 tablet (MSFT)

    Max Slater-Robins
    29 Aug 2015 | 4:00 am
    Microsoft has spent three years honing the Surface line from a bulky, awkward 2-in-1 to the sleek, capable machine that turned out to be the Surface Pro 3. Along the way it has validated the existence of the tablet-laptop hybrid as something that people actually want.  The next generation of Surface Pro, most likely called the Surface Pro 4, is set to be released later this year and rumours have been spinning about what it will include, how much it will cost and when it will become available. Here's the roundup.  The key rumours It will be unveiled in October, and…
  • This British shopping startup raised $11 million in February — now it's shutting down

    James Cook
    29 Aug 2015 | 3:00 am
    London startup Shopa was meant to change the way people shop for clothes online. It wanted to turn shopping into a social media activity, which rewarded users with discounts on items if they posted items to the app. But now, just months after the company raised $11 million (6.9 million pounds) in funding, Shopa is winding down. Its CEO is out, the website has been shut down, staff members are leaving, and there are rumours that the money is gone. What was Shopa? Shopa was founded in 2012 and aimed to shake up the way people buy things online. It started off with a B2B marketplace, but…
  • Tidal trolled Apple during a live Drake performance

    Bryan Logan
    28 Aug 2015 | 9:59 pm
    Tidal, the music-streaming platform co-owned by Jay Z and a cohort of top-tier music stars, appears to have upset the wrong beast. Apple reportedly warned the platform that it could face a multimillion dollar lawsuit because rapper Drake, an Apple Music artist, was set to appear at a charity event in New Orleans that was live-streamed on Tidal Friday night. According to a Page Six report, once Apple learned of Drake's scheduled appearance — in which he was to perform two songs — letters from Apple were "sent to Tidal warning that Drake cannot appear on the…
  • How Fidelity's rumored new partnerships would significantly hurt American Express

    Jaime Toplin and Evan Bakker
    28 Aug 2015 | 8:42 pm
    Fidelity Investments, one of the world's largest mutual-fund companies, may sever its ties with American Express and Bank of America as the providers of its Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express cash-back rewards credit card, anonymous sources told Bloomberg. Fidelity is currently weighing bids from Visa and MasterCard and may also be choosing an issuer to replace Bank of America. The Fidelity card is a top-rated cash-back card that has been in circulation for six years. Sources told Bloomberg that potential deals could still fall through, leaving American Express and Bank of…
  • Facebook is leading the way in social commerce

    Cooper Smith
    28 Aug 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Facebook is the top social commerce platform, driving more than two-thirds of mobile e-commerce traffic and boosting social media's quickly growing share of e-commerce web traffic.  Facebook accounts for 50% of total social referrals and 64% of total social revenue. The site’s social commerce initiatives, including a recent focus on its Messenger app, largely reflect social media's increasingly important role for online retailers. In a report from BI Intelligence we analyze social media's impact on online retail — whether that's driving direct sales with the use of embedded…
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    MediaStorm Blog

  • MediaStorm: A 10-Year Retrospective at Photoville

    26 Aug 2015 | 6:35 am
    MediaStorm celebrates 10 years as an independent media company that gives voice and meaning to the most important stories of our time. This year at Photoville, we’ll be showing a short reel of highlights from a decade of work as well as a teaser from our newest film currently in production, Fight Hate with Love. A panel will follow, featuring a discussion with our producers and the insights we’ve gained from ten years of digital storytelling. Please join us at the Photoville Pavillion on September 12th from 5:30 – 6:30PM. For more information please visit the Photoville website.
  • Worth Watching #172: FREEFLY ALTA / NOSTALGIA

    20 Aug 2015 | 6:49 am
    “Cutting edge drone work with a pre-production model of Freefly’s latest drone, the ALTA and a RED Epic Dragon Monochrome. Collaborative filmmaking by Michael Marantz, Drew English and Tim Sessler” - Brian Storm FREEFLY ALTA / NOSTALGIA from Brooklyn Aerials See what else we think is Worth Watching.
  • Eight Things I (Re)Learned Editing Travel Anonymous

    Eric Maierson
    18 Aug 2015 | 6:24 am
    Sometimes having no limitations is the hardest obstruction. To paraphrase the late novelist E.L. Doctorow., “[Making a movie] is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights but you can make the whole trip that way.” In other words, the only way out is through. It’s hard to be spontaneous if you’re clinging to the some vague notion that what you’re doing is wrong. If you let yourself fail extravagantly, you might succeed beyond expectation. “The first draft of anything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway The unconscious…
  • Winners of IAFOR Documentary Photography Award Announced

    Cortney Cleveland
    23 Jul 2015 | 7:20 am
    As a proud sponsor of the IAFOR Documentary Photography Award we are pleased to present this year’s winners: Hosam Katan (Grand Prize), Yasmin Balai (2nd Place), and Romain Champalaune (3rd Place).  The IAFOR Documentary Photography Award is a new international photography award which seeks to promote and assist in the professional development of emerging documentary photographers and photojournalists. The Award is supported by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) – Asia’s Think Tank – and builds off of the strength of the IAFOR Documentary Film Award, now in its…
  • MediaStorm Receives Two News & Documentary Emmy Nominations

    Cortney Cleveland
    22 Jul 2015 | 9:42 am
    We are proud to announce that MediaStorm has been recognized with two nominations for the 36th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards. Hungry Horse, our film collaboration with Pieter ten Hoopen is a nominee in the New Approaches: Arts, Lifestyle, Culture category. Japan’s Disposable Workers by Shiho Fukada, produced in collaboration with Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is a nominee in the New Approaches: Current News Coverage category. Congratulations to all of the nominees! View the full list at Hungry Horse: Legends of the Everyday,is a film series…
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  • Blackmagic Design Releases Fusion 8 Public Beta

    28 Aug 2015 | 1:49 pm
    Fusion 8, the free version of the visual effects and motion graphics software, is now available to download from the Blackmagic Design website as a public beta. Previously a Windows-only product, this public beta marks the first time the Fusion software will also be available to Mac OS X users.   
  • Panasonic DVX200PJ 4K Camcorder Pricing and Availability Revealed

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:08 pm
    Panasonic has set a price of $4695 for its AG-DVX200PJ 4K handheld camcorder which will be available from October 2015. The DVX200PJ is the first in a new generation of large sensor, multi-format camcorders and is capable of capturing 4K/UHD, HD and SD resolutions, including cinematic DCI 4K at 24p.  
  • Videomaker's D|Focus Systems DSLR Gear Sweepstakes Winner Annnounced

    27 Aug 2015 | 10:23 am
    Congratulations to Jeff Toner! Our D|Focus Systems DSLR Gear sweepstakes has ended and the randomly selected winner is Jeff Toner of Berkeley, Ca. This collection of DSLR accessories is designed to bring Jeff's DSLR camera setup one step closer to being a true cinema camera. It includes: Rails, Baseplate, Focus v4, Gear, Crank and Matte.
  • Last Chance for Lume Cube Lights

    27 Aug 2015 | 9:06 am
    The smallest prize you can win from Videomaker is up for grabs, and these are the last days to enter the Lume Cube Sweepstakes. Make no mistake, the Lume Cubes put out a lot of light and will allow you to keep shooting rather than pack up and head home when you run out of daylight or the environment doesn’t allow you to bring bigger lights.
  • Canon Announces New EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera

    26 Aug 2015 | 10:09 am
    A high-quality interchangeable-lens camera doesn’t have to be accompanied by a high price — not if Canon’s EOS M3 Digital Camera is the camera in question. The latest addition to the EOS family, the compact, mirrorless M3 boasts a high-resolution 24.2MP CMOS sensor, DIGIC 6 advanced image processor and a 49-point autofocus system for shooting stills and Full HD videos.
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    Music library management blog

  • Finding and fixing Simple Audio album covers

    Dan Gravell
    24 Aug 2015 | 4:00 pm
    Simple Audio make a couple of music streamers targetted at the audiophile with a design aesthetic. The Roomplayer+ and Roomplayer+ (with Amp) both offer high resolution audio playback, a sleek design, multi user setups and multi room playback. Pertinent to music library management, they also offer multi library access. It can suck in music files from iTunes, your NAS, your laptop or even mobile devices in the home. If your music files are being sourced from various locations on your own network, this means it is down to you to provide artwork for those albums. And not only provide any-old…
  • Release 20150811

    Dan Gravell
    17 Aug 2015 | 4:00 pm
    After a bit of a break, here's a new release with some important bug fixes and also some significant speed improvements! Database engine improvements The first main bug fix relates to how bliss can sometimes react when changing settings. A few months back I changed bliss's database engine to a different library. This fixed some data corruption issues, but, as often happens, some different problems were introduced. Specifically, the way the new database engine updates files on your computer's storage is a bit different; when bliss interrupts an update, sometimes the database engine gives up…
  • An update for the Synology package

    Dan Gravell
    10 Aug 2015 | 4:00 pm
    Great news: the bliss add-in for Synology has been updated! Since its first launch, three years ago, bliss's add-in for Synology has been the most successful of our NAS integrations. If you're in a hurry for the package, the instructions for installing bliss on Synology are right here! The add-in is a fully functional version of bliss, designed to run 24-7 on your NAS. bliss has always been designed as a server side, 'daemon' process, ideal for running on servers, so these NAS integrations are an ideal fit. When you add music to your watched folders, bliss kicks off, assessing the music you…
  • Windows 10

    Dan Gravell
    3 Aug 2015 | 4:00 pm
    Sarcasm mode: engage! It's the time of the year every software developer loves... new operating system time! Only joking of course: operating system updates are an inevitability in the fast moving world of software, so it's a case of keeping on top of the latest changes. And I'm pleased to say that bliss is working well in Windows 10! Last week's release of Windows 10 was accompanied with much fanfare. The main goal of Windows 10 is to provide a unification across all devices, so while a user interface will inevitably look different on a phone compared to a desktop computer, it is easier for…
  • De facto or de jure? Five misused tags.

    Dan Gravell
    27 Jul 2015 | 4:00 pm
    This week we step up a level of abstraction. We take a look at, not individual music library tagging, but instead, tag schemas. That means the pre-defined tag fields (and in some case values) that may be used to tag a collection. Such pre-defined fields, when mandated by a standardisation group, could be considered de jure. But this is not the only source of a tagging scheme. Over time, music library collectors may adopt certain fields for a given purpose, or define their own label. This is called de facto. Here come five different tag fields that have been perverted from their original…
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    Smells Like Infinite Sadness

  • Hear ‘Creation Records: Live in London 1987 to 1992′

    28 Aug 2015 | 3:08 pm
    Smells Like Infinite Sadness Smells Like Infinite Sadness - A 40-something's musings on the current state of music, film and pop culture. Get off my lawn.Creation Records, the iconic label responsible for breaking The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Oasis and shoegaze at large to the masses, unveiled a free gift to devotees of their artist roster. ‘Creation Records: Live in London 1987 to 1992′ contains a bevy of live bootlegs from groups like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, […]The post Hear ‘Creation Records: Live in London 1987 to 1992′ appeared first on Smells…
  • Albums Revisited: The Cure’s ‘The Head On The Door’ Turns 30

    25 Aug 2015 | 4:23 pm
    Smells Like Infinite Sadness Smells Like Infinite Sadness - A 40-something's musings on the current state of music, film and pop culture. Get off my lawn.Albums Revisited: The Cure’s ‘The Head On The Door’ Turns 30: British band’s global breakthrough hits the three-decade mark. On August 26th, 2015, The Cure’s breakthrough album The Head on The Door celebrates its 30th anniversary. And it maintains a unique place in the band’s discography, splitting the difference between the dismal, atmospheric Goth on […]The post Albums Revisited: The…
  • Albums Revisited: Alice in Chains ‘Facelift’ Turns 25

    20 Aug 2015 | 9:03 pm
    Smells Like Infinite Sadness Smells Like Infinite Sadness - A 40-something's musings on the current state of music, film and pop culture. Get off my lawn.Albums Revisited: Alice in Chains ‘Facelift’ Turns 25 On August 21st, 2015, Alice in Chains’ début album ‘Facelift‘ celebrates its 25th anniversary. Good god. Really? I feel old. It’s interesting to look back on ‘Facelift’ and see just how important it was in the scheme of 90’s alternative music. Pre-dating Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’, it helped establish […]The…
  • Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Ritual De Lo Habitual’ Turns 25

    20 Aug 2015 | 1:41 pm
    Smells Like Infinite Sadness Smells Like Infinite Sadness - A 40-something's musings on the current state of music, film and pop culture. Get off my lawn.Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Ritual De Lo Habitual’ Turns 25: the band’s alt-rock masterpiece re-examined on it’s 25th anniversary.  This week (August 21st to be exact) marks the 25th anniversary of ‘Ritual De Lo Habitual‘, the second studio album from alternative rock progenitors Jane’s Addiction. While Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ is seen as the album that broke alternative to…
  • Puscifer Announces 2015 Tour, ‘Money Shot’ Tracklist

    17 Aug 2015 | 12:33 pm
    Smells Like Infinite Sadness Smells Like Infinite Sadness - A 40-something's musings on the current state of music, film and pop culture. Get off my lawn.Puscifer Announces 2015 Tour, ‘Money Shot’ Tracklist: band reveal North American tour dates and new album details. The touring lineup will feature former Ministry bassist Paul Barker. Puscifer, the electronica driven group fronted by Tool and A Perfect Circle vocalist Maynard James Keenan, have announced a fall North American tour in support of their upcoming […]The post Puscifer Announces 2015 Tour, ‘Money…
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  • Radio’s Most Innovative: Entercom Sacramento’s “Eat Farm To Fork” Initiative

    Fred Jacobs
    28 Aug 2015 | 3:10 am
    Ask people what they know about Sacramento and they will tell you it’s the capital of California. Sports fans might mention the lowly Sacramento Kings, while radio geeks might bring up that Rush Limbaugh got his start in the market. Outside of the immediate area, few realize just how much food is grown in the valley all around the city or talk about the great restaurants and wineries in the area. The city is essentially Ground Zero for the Farm-to-Fork movement, but most people are simply not aware of this fact. So the Sacramento Convention and Visitor Bureau is out to change awareness…
  • Radio’s Shrinking Workforce

    Fred Jacobs
    27 Aug 2015 | 3:15 am
    As cutbacks over the last decade have taken their toll on station staffs, the impact can be seen and felt in many ways. Physically, many stations now have wide open spaces – rows of empty cubicles, vacant offices, and even entire building wings that no longer contain people. We don’t know just how much employee counts have shrunk, but those of us who are in and out of stations all over the U.S. see the cumulative effect of tougher economic and competitive conditions. The effects of the new broadcast economy and the flurry to deliver revenue under much more difficult circumstances…
  • A Love Letter To WWL Radio

    Fred Jacobs
    26 Aug 2015 | 3:11 am
    This week on JacoBLOG, the topic of radio doing a better job of marketing itself has wafted through each post. We’ve been talking about getting away from the numbers and telling some of those great radio stories about community, service, and connection. And today will be no exception. The difference in this post, however, is that some of the best storytelling I’ve seen for a broadcast radio station came from one of the world’s most respected news sources – outside of the U.S. The story is set in New Orleans, as the nation remembers Hurricane Katrina. And in an interesting twist,…
  • Below the Radio Radar

    Fred Jacobs
    25 Aug 2015 | 3:10 am
    The only thing worse than not being competitive in your industry is not knowing who you’re competing against. In radio, stations and broadcasters continue to spend money, time, and resources on consistently squelching the other stations in town, while often not understanding the larger, dynamic media lay of the land. At Jacobs Media, we will get the call the moment a translator signs on across the street. How can it hurt us? Are they duplicating our music? Are they using our slogans? Should we block, stay the course, or do something else?  That’s not to say that these types of…
  • Radio’s Perception vs. Reality Problem

    Fred Jacobs
    24 Aug 2015 | 3:10 am
    We’ve all been there.  You work for a brand – or in the case of many people who read this blog – a radio station that is misunderstood and undervalued by advertisers. This radio problem very likely pre-dates Don Draper because radio stations are always in some sort of struggle with the “Mad Men” (and women) who appropriate ad dollars on behalf of their unknowing clients. In the case of radio, every format seems to come with built-in stereotypes and biases, most of which are simply unfounded. Country has often lost out because of perceptions that its audience is downscale. Rock…
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  • Promoting Pay Per View: Why Cable Companies Fail

    Benedicte Guichard
    26 Aug 2015 | 7:10 am
    Credits: When you’ve got a pay-per-view event you want people to watch, the most important thing to start doing is promoting it; making your target viewers aware that what you’re broadcasting is interesting and available through you. The industry is now seeing a huge change in the way viewers are buying their PPV tickets, as many larger commercial companies are starting to lose out to newer, more accessible online sources. PPV events numbers In a recent study by DigitalSmiths, only 11% of viewers purchased pay-per-view from their cable provider and this indicates a real…
  • Live Streaming Is The Future of Sport Broadcasting

    Benedicte Guichard
    20 Aug 2015 | 7:49 am
    Credits: There are so many nail biting annual sporting events that these days, that it’s hard to keep count. During last year’s Champions League Final alone, around 200 million viewers watched its dramatic conclusion; a true indication of just how popular live sporting events are. Traditional viewing habits change Traditionally, sports fans would watch live sports from a pub, bar or the comfort of their lounges by tuning into a cable or terrestrial TV channel; however, this method of sports consumption is in decline. In the past, certain TV channels have monopolised the…
  • The Importance of Video Analytics for Premium Publishers

    Benedicte Guichard
    18 Aug 2015 | 6:29 am
    In the modern world, there is no greater advantage to a market leader than knowing information about their customers and their industry. Media is no different; market analytics can tell you everything you need to know about who is using your videos, who they’re sharing it with, and how you can improve your service to attract not only more of the customer type you already have, but also how to diversify and capture the attention of those you might have previously thought as unreachable. For premium publishers, there are several types of analytics that can tell you everything you need to…
  • SVOD Services Are Conquering Europe

    Benedicte Guichard
    11 Aug 2015 | 7:53 am
    Imagine a world where you can stream some of your favorite programmes, documentaries and films at the click of a button – or discover brand new TV shows at your leisure. Hold on a minute, you can… What initiated SVOD’s growth? With the emergence of Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Now TV and many others, consumers have the power to choose their own viewing schedules, without waiting a whole week to enjoy the next installment of the gripping TV series in which they’re wholeheartedly invested. Although traditional television is still a staple part of home life across Europe,…
  • Support your customers every step of the way!

    6 Aug 2015 | 3:47 am
    Are your videos beginning to hum along and attract a lot of interest? If so, then you’re probably starting to acquire lots of new customers who are asking you a wide variety of questions. As you’re probably finding out, it’s critical to be able to reply to those questions quickly while having the customer’s details at your fingertips. A default feature of our operations is our fast and friendly support team, who efficiently and effectively help your clients find the answers to their questions about payment and access. At the same time, Cleeng is increasingly allowing you more…
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    The Digital Delusion - @doylebuehler

  • How to Create Easy & Simple Videos That Get Better SEO

    Doyle Buehler
    11 Aug 2015 | 12:18 am
    Video killed your SEO? I get this question a lot, and thought I would share some of the answers with you – about creating simple videos and video ‘SEO’ and stuff. First things first – make sure you are delivering your “why” – your value across this platform. It doesn’t need to be complicated either, but you need to connect with your audience with a clear reason. A lot of people also think that they must have a written blog… if you are more comfortable with a video blog, then just use that! But, you will need a bit of both. From the other…
  • four new moments every digital marketer should know

    Doyle Buehler
    2 Aug 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Mobile has forever changed the way we live and interact online, and it’s forever changed what we expect of branding and online marketing. The post four new moments every digital marketer should know appeared first on The Digital Delusion - @doylebuehler.
  • What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Perfecting Their Social Media Marketing

    Doyle Buehler
    2 Aug 2015 | 1:09 pm
    Does your social media need a boost? Do you want to add something to your online marketing? Trying new things can be fun and refreshing, for both you and your audience. The post What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Perfecting Their Social Media Marketing appeared first on The Digital Delusion - @doylebuehler.
  • How Do I Know If My Site Is Mobile Responsive Without the Hassle?

    Doyle Buehler
    16 Apr 2015 | 4:08 pm
    …Because of the New Mobile Responsive Search Requirements. That’s Why. ["IS YOUR WEBSITE A MOBILE RESPONSIVE SITE? You better hire me now so I can fix it our else you will be destroyed by flying pink leprechauns next week when the evil-doer Google changes the internets once again. Everything you have ever worked for online will die (and maybe even off-line as well). In fact, even your dog may suffer dire consequences. Not even a unicorn or a rainbow will save you now."] NO, the sky is not falling. This is what has been filling up the internet this past week or so. I’m sure…
  • Is Facebook the New AOL – America Online? What the Internet Would Be Like If Facebook Was Launched in 1995 [VIDEO]

    Doyle Buehler
    28 Mar 2015 | 2:30 am
    Can Facebook take over the world, like AOL did way back in 1995? Does anyone remember what a floppy disk was? Who remembers getting these seemingly relentless packages in the mail to sign up? If you grew up in the 70, 80s, & 90s, you would certainly feel a bit nostalgic when you take a look at these 2 great videos about the internet. Some one had to do it – replicate the original AOL commercial, and compare it to “the” social network, Facebook, 20 years later. It almost seems as if we have not evolved at all? Wasn’t the internet great back then? Security, Dinosaurs,…
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    unit36 » Blog

  • Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design

    21 Aug 2015 | 5:41 am
    Forget UFC! Check Out DFC: Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Digital Fighting Championship Tonight’s main event we have two courageous fighters. Both a mobile site and responsive web design will optimize your site to be more appropriate for smaller screens; both will offer simpler navigation and faster load times. In the blue corner – A mobile site is essentially a copy of your website, where the server does the work to deliver an optimized page that’s smaller and easier to navigate. The solution can really customize a unique experience for mobile…
  • The Tour de France of Digital Marketing

    28 Jul 2015 | 4:40 am
    Chris Froome becomes the first Briton to win the Tour de France twice How to win the Tour de France and the similarities between digital marketing strategies Race classifications vs digital marketing techniques and strategies Create your own winning strategy with Unit36 On Sunday the 26th of July 2015, Chris Froome became the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France on more than once occasion. The 2013 winner reclaimed his title in Paris last week as he crossed the finish line of the famous three-week event. Froome finished alongside his Sky Team comrades shortly behind a sprint won by…
  • Why are we Reading the Same Old Shi…

    10 Jun 2015 | 6:36 am
    Why are we reading the same old shiny, yet valueless content over and over again? (We know what you were thinking!) Now the title of this blog isn’t exactly the best title ever penned, nor is it the most creative; but it did get your attention. Fundamentally, this is what creating effective and engaging content is all about. As proven here, words can be extremely powerful if used in the correct way. We’re pretty sure we can guess the word you had in mind when you first read the end of our blog title. We also bet that you never expected it to be ‘shiny.’ That’s not the point; the…
  • unit36: A New Digital Dawn

    5 Jun 2015 | 7:19 am
    Every now and then in a company’s lifetime, a shake-up is required to freshen things up a bit and to keep momentum rolling forward. Perhaps the company name doesn’t fit anymore or the size of the business has outgrown its original status. Whatever the reason, a rebranding exercise should be positive, proactive and fit for purpose. If executed properly, such an exercise can exploit and emphasise a change in direction and indicate a significant improvement in your business model. With this in mind we are proud to introduce unit36 – our new name and change of approach to creative digital…
  • Logo Design in 2015 – New Trends

    2 Jun 2015 | 2:42 am
    2015 is already shaping up to be another pivotal year for web design, with many distinct changes and innovations now coming into play. The next 6 months will throw up many more new trends and design techniques for us all to learn and follow; several of which will rest under the category of logo design. Logo designers around the world dream of creating that one awe-inspired emblem that will take over the world. From the Ferrari horse to the McDonald’s M – creating a globally recognised brand symbol is every logo designer’s ambition. In order to achieve this dream in 2015, logo designers…
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  • How to improve your video SEO on YouTube

    25 Aug 2015 | 9:56 am
    Well, the answer might be – a non-existent or a flawed Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. For the uninitiated- Video SEO is a technique that can help optimize video content for search engine traffic. To get views on YouTube, your video should be easily searchable. And to make sure that your video is search aligned, you should follow some of the best practices that I share here in this blog. 5 Best practices to improve your Video SEO: 1. Keep the filename meaningfulThe filename of the video should resonate with the content within it. It should be easy on the eyes and not too…
  • Marketing Twitter Become a Power of Your Website

    26 Jun 2015 | 11:05 am
    With the development of technology has now advanced age and the subject of the modern world to improve the well-being that have been found to be perfect. Why is that? Therefore, in today's marketing world has positive influence by providing different platforms and are already available on the internet. So that the businessman can utilize social media as a tool to help in the marketing and sales worldwide. There are several tools to improve online marketing. However, at this point a lot of social media which is found as a first step to promote the most appropriate site and very easy. This,…
  • How to Choose The Most Appropriate Font for Websites

    26 Jun 2015 | 10:54 am
    With the times, a lot of the font list that is growing more. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of different fonts in every day. With the font, then we can use these fonts for your website. However, on the other hand we choose the most appropriate fonts for websites is not easy. However, when we have the desire to try to use, then we can do well. Lots of experts bloggers who always design to create fonts with a more unique style models. So it would be easier to help the beginner bloggers who are still in need and can not make it. The benefits of using fonts on the website can avoid the…
  • Selling Ad Space in Your Blog for Earning Money

    25 Jun 2015 | 9:09 am
    A simple way to earn money from your blog or website is by providing an ad space for those who want to advertise their products. While you have experienced putting AdSense to your blog and earn money, now you can reverse it by providing an ad space for advertising. Surely this is not easy because firstly you need to have a high traffic website or blog first to make the advertiser want to use the space in your website for advertising their products. Without a high traffic website, your ad space will not be used by any advertiser.Read more »
  • Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Web Design Company

    25 Jun 2015 | 9:02 am
    Websites are the calling cards of every online venture that you should be proud of! It should provide relevant information along with pleasant viewing to all its users, achieved through quality web development and designing services. With advancements in the field of internet marketing and web technologies, now the market is over-flooded with avowedly best web design company. Therefore, selection of a good web designing company has become a tricky task. However, there are many determinants based on which a probable decision is reasonable as well as worth the value of your hard earned money.
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    Simon Staffans // Developing Media

  • The Great Narrative

    Simon Staffans
    9 Aug 2015 | 11:21 pm
    Over the summer I’ve actively tried to avoid doing what I’ve been doing for the past couple of decades – craft stories, design and produce them and tell them to an intended audience. I’ve found that I tend to absorb myself in my own projects to quite an extent, and in turn have found it difficult to find the time to take part of other stories, however interesting, timely or urgent they may be. This summer I’ve put almost everything on the shelves and concentrated on not being the producer but rather the consumer. I will admit, it has been a bit of an alarming experience. The…
  • ForwardSlashStory – the stone that sends the ripples

    Simon Staffans
    3 Jun 2015 | 12:45 am
    I’ve been trying to write down my experience of attending F/S 2015 several times already. It’s been difficult. Mostly because I feel what I learned – or, rather, immersed – there has yet to sink in properly. Sink in, and rise to the surface again. I agree wholeheartedly with what people have written about it to date; great blog posts by Lee-Sean and Fan and enthusiastic mentions on social media from just about everyone. The enormous luxury of spending time – exclusive, uninterrupted time – with magnificent, warm hearted, brilliant people, discussing the very things that make us…
  • The No-Plan Plan

    Simon Staffans
    2 Jun 2015 | 12:53 am
    One evening a couple of weeks ago I found myself in deep conversation with a couple of people. Hank and Julia and I were discussing the notion of the Plan-life and its’ counterpart, the No-Plan life, reflecting on how the notion of these two impacted our own lives. The discussion continued sporadically over the next couple of days, and the more I’ve thought about it since I got home, the more I think there is a grain – or more than a grain – of truth to the matter. Most of us live Plan-lives. This includes myself, and I’ll readily admit that I’m more comfortable – or perhaps…
  • The Difficult Client “You”

    Simon Staffans
    22 May 2015 | 3:15 am
    I’ve had a number of epiphanies over the past few days, mostly because I’ve spent almost every waking hour of those days in the company of a lot of highly intelligent and creative people in the form of the participants of the 2015 version of F/S (ForwardSlashStory). Among those epiphanies a couple stood out, however, one of them coming after having had a discussion about how to address your own work and your own productions. As I presented some of the things I’ve been working on, I felt more clearly than ever before that the projects that were my own were the ones that meant something…
  • Help your brilliant idea grow

    Simon Staffans
    8 May 2015 | 3:03 am
    As I wrote earlier, I’ve been working for a couple of different organizations helping them analyze projects and transmedia projects in particular over the past month. Looking beyond the debate (which has faded quite significantly, perhaps to the current non-buzzwordiness of the term) about what exactly should be considered ”transmedia”, some things have jumped out at me time and time again while reading projects plans and proposals, and interviewing the people behind them. Many have great ideas, good solid foundations for their projects. Many have a passion about what they are doing or…
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    Bizarre Culture » Media

  • Film Review: Containment

    Bizarre Culture
    13 Aug 2015 | 1:33 am
    Director: Neil Mcenery-West Principal Cast: Lee Ross, Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung, Gabriel Senior, Louise Brealey, William Postlethwaite and Pippa Nixon Release Date: 11 September 2015 (UK) Plot: Residents in a tower block find themselves sealed inside their homes, with no access to utilities such as water and electricity, no communication with the outside world, and no explanation as to why. With time running out and very few options, they are left with the choice of staying put, or working together to find out why they have been sealed inside, and escape. Review: Containment is the…
  • An Interview with award winning film-maker Gabriel Bisset-Smith

    Jordan Dean
    25 Jul 2015 | 1:10 pm
    Gabriel Bisset-Smith is an award winning writer/actor/director/comedian. Gabriel has recently been named one of the Dazed Visionaries by Dazed and Confused. Also, Gabriel’s short film Thrush won numerous awards, including the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival Tenderpixel Audience Choice Award, the 2010 Vimeo Best Narrative Award and the Grand Jury Prize at the Disposable Film Festival. We had a chat with Gabriel about his work and what’s on the horizon for him.   A lot of your work explores the hardship of trying to find love, how much are your films a reflection on your…
  • Film Review – Eden | Mia Hansen’s Tribute to 90’s French Touch Movement

    Andrei Sandu
    23 Jul 2015 | 9:20 am
    Mia Hansen-Løve’s Eden explores Parisian dance music culture through the rise and fall of the French Touch movement with great skill and minimal melodrama – an authentic depiction of a paradise lost. Delivering a performance that suits the film’s style perfectly, Félix de Givry plays Paul, a DJ inspired by the career of the director’s brother, Sven Hansen-Løve. His descent is saddening, but it is difficult not to get caught up in the exhilaration when he first deciphers the chords of Liquid’s Sweet Harmony. With a magnificent soundtrack which includes Frankie Knuckles, MK…
  • An Interview with Sven Hansen-Løve, Co-writer and Inspiration for Eden

    Bizarre Culture
    22 Jul 2015 | 3:41 am
    Mia Hansen-Løve’s Eden is proving to be the dance music film of the year. It is an authentic yet melancholy exploration of Paris’s dance music culture in the 1990s and 2000s, following the French House, Deep House and Garage clubs in which her brother, Sven was immersed. Indeed, Sven Hansen-Løve, of the DJ duo Cheers, serves as the inspiration for the character of Paul in this semi-biographical film. We caught up with him at Soho House a few hours before a screening of Eden to learn more about his creative input, his views on Hollywood’s depiction of DJs and, of course,…
  • The 10 Essential Documentaries Since 2000

    Jordan Dean
    10 Jul 2015 | 6:13 am
    Since the turn of the Millennium, there has been a distinct change in the art of documentary filmmaking. Where documentaries used to be unpopular to filmgoers due to the journalistic narration style, filmmakers now see the medium as a way to express themselves creatively. Storytellers have seen documentaries as a chance to explore the line between fact and fiction, whilst finding funding and distribution easier to come by. Over the past 14 years, documentaries have engaged a much wider audience with Film Festivals such as True/False Film Fest, Locarno, Visions Du Reel, IDFA, Hot Docs, LIDF…
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  • Digital Marketing and Media Comic Strip : HAPPe HOUR : August 21, 2015

    Elliott Antal
    21 Aug 2015 | 4:39 am
    HAPPe HOUR Digital Marketing Comic Strip for August 21, 2015 Sharing YouTube videos is easy – you can embed it on your website or blog, e-mail it to a friend, or share it on popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Well at least it used to be that way, recently YouTube removed a few of the social network buttons (including MySpace) and added a host of others. Some of the notable additions were StumbleUpon and LinkedIn. Some of the other notable removals were Blogger and Orkut. There wasn’t much press around this latest tweak but for those who were die hard…
  • Digital Marketing and Media Comic Strip : HAPPe HOUR : March 27, 2015

    Elliott Antal
    26 Mar 2015 | 6:18 pm
    HAPPe HOUR Digital Marketing Comic Strip March 27, 2015 “Even though you know “big data” is out there, you may not know the first step in what to do with it.” That’s according to Search Engine Watch. I’ve learned to not trust words that need to have quotes added around it, “big data” returns 16 million Google search results and has been mentioned over 250k times on Twitter over the past 30 days. It’s currently the king of buzzwords. The question shouldn’t be “what to do with it” it should be “do you understand the…
  • Digital Marketing and Media Comic Strip : HAPPe HOUR : March 20, 2015

    Elliott Antal
    19 Mar 2015 | 6:54 pm
    HAPPe HOUR Digital Marketing Comic Strip March 20, 2015 Wichita State or Indiana? Virginia or Belmont? Michigan State or Georgia? It must be mid-March if you find yourself contemplating these decisions. If you are thoroughly confused as to who to pick then turn to Bing for some guidance. Microsoft Bing is taking a leap into March Madness with a data partnership with the NCAA and according to them, “Bing will then turn those data points into actionable insights in order to help basketball fans build a winning bracket during the tournament.” I followed Bing’s advice and (as…
  • Digital Marketing and Media Comic Strip : HAPPe HOUR : March 6, 2015

    Elliott Antal
    5 Mar 2015 | 6:27 pm
    HAPPe HOUR Digital Marketing Comic Strip March 6, 2015 Lego my LEGO! iMedia Connection recently recognized LEGO as one of their “Brands with the Craziest Fans”. They recently achieved over 10 million page likes on Facebook, a feat that someone promised to tattoo Facebook on their forehead if they accomplished. There are more than 34 million pictures tagged with #LEGO on Instagram. With this type of hardcore following online it only made sense for us to feature them in a cartoon. From a brand that lost it’s way a few decades ago to a community manager’s dream…
  • Digital Marketing and Media Comic Strip : HAPPe HOUR : February 20, 2015

    Elliott Antal
    19 Feb 2015 | 7:04 pm
    HAPPe HOUR Digital Marketing Comic Strip February 20, 2015 “Step right up. You could get speedy broadband for $70 a month.” Sound too good to be true? Well the fine print says that you cannot opt out of web browsing tracking. Introducing GigaPower, the speedy broadband service from AT&T. You can get this service for $70, but if you opt out of being tracked then the price rises to $99 a month. According to AT&T the two pricing tiers “make it possible for customers to receive more relevant offers and advertising based on their browsing activity.” It follows the…
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    InPlayer » News/BlogInPlayer

  • Direct Debit Payments for Video Content

    24 Aug 2015 | 12:09 am
    Inplayer specializes in helping individuals and organisations monetize video content. From now on, those seeking to do this will be able to use Direct Debit as a payment option. What are the benefits? Direct Debit is simple and convenient way for viewers to pay for video content. With a Direct Debit Instruction set up with the customer, payment collection from their bank account is authorized. The customers are given advanced notice of the amounts and dates of collection and the money is deducted automatically. Enabling direct debit payments offer a substantial amount of benefits to…
  • Payment optimization essential in global pay-TV growth

    Marija Sarafimova
    20 Aug 2015 | 5:44 am
    It’s obvious that the growth in the pay-TV market is set to continue. Recent ABI Research revealed that the market grew by 5% last year, with the 924.4 million subscriber figure surpassed. As more and more people subscribe to Pay-TV, so it is vital that providers consider payment optimization. Enabling a simple and all-encompassing payment process makes content a more attractive prospect for potential subscribers. People want the option of having different methods of payment as well as a wide choice of VOD and subscription packages. What type of payment considerations are needed? There is…
  • Top tips for using digital media for your sports club

    Marija Sarafimova
    13 Aug 2015 | 7:45 am
    Using digital media resources for your sports club is an excellent idea, as long as it is done in the right way. There are many things to consider when making use of digital media, if you want to make sure that you make best use of your resources to get the best possible results. If you don’t put some thought into making the best use of your resources, as well as the best use of digital channels, you are not going to get the results you need. We’re going to take a look at some tips on how you can make digital media work for your sports club. Make sure you have a strategy in place This may…
  • The infinite strength of the direct-to-API approach

    Kalina Zografska
    7 Aug 2015 | 1:26 am
    As ready as we’ve ever been to plug and play our off the shelf product, we have also been thorough in our intent to always cover and expand our Inplayer API Service in parallel with our other client-side products. The API Service we have today is ready for a complete tailored experience and whitelabeled management from all parties that are interested in taking on the direct-to-API approach. In the time of AWS and distributed systems and expanding need for integration and growth,  our API has grown into its own CMS-as-a-Service and UserManagament-as-a-Service. Configuration The setup…
  • InPlayer integrates Apple Pay

    Marija Sarafimova
    5 Aug 2015 | 7:12 am
    We are happy to announce the integration of Apple Pay into our video monetization technology, making our Paywall the first video paywall to enable users to pay for video content directly from their Apple account. Apple Pay, which launched in the UK in July, is now fully incorporated into InPlayer, thereby making it possible for video publishers to let users accessing video via their iPhone or iPad to make payments directly from their Apple account without having to enter their credit card details. According to a report released by ITG Market Research, Apple Pay has gained a 1.7% market share…
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    Alltop RSS

  • Samsung’s new “see through” truck can save lives [video]

    28 Aug 2015 | 9:00 pm
    Passing a truck is dangerous business on small roads because it's often hard to see around it. But with this new Samsung invention, you can see "through" the truck, making it possible to see oncoming cars. The post Samsung’s new “see through” truck can save lives [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • Lean in to confidence [infographic]

    28 Aug 2015 | 8:08 pm
    As women take more than fifty percent of bachelor's degrees in the U.S. and forty percent of master's, there's still a crucial gap between the sexes: confidence. The post Lean in to confidence [infographic] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • Cat smells durian for the first time, freaks out a little [video]

    28 Aug 2015 | 8:00 pm
    Have you ever smelled something so strange that your body kind of shudders? That must be what happened to this cat the first time it smelled durian. The post Cat smells durian for the first time, freaks out a little [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • How much will kill you? [video]

    28 Aug 2015 | 6:32 pm
    Wonder if you've ever reached the danger point with coffee? Worried your friend is getting dangerously close to death at their 21st birthday party? Do you like to chew on cherry pits? The post How much will kill you? [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • Dog tricks passerby into playing catch [video]

    28 Aug 2015 | 6:00 pm
    Even dogs get lonely, and even dogs can trick people. One plus one is two. This lonely dog tricked an unsuspecting passerby into playing fetch by chucking his ball over the fence. The post Dog tricks passerby into playing catch [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
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    Madshrimps News RSS Feed

  • iPhone 6s tipped to offer 4K video recording and selfie flash, Rose Gold option comin

    Stefan Mileschin
    28 Aug 2015 | 5:32 am
    The iPhone 6s will reportedly offer 4K video recording, selfie flash, a new Rose Gold color option, and renamed Force Touch. According to the report published by 9To5Mac, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be the first iPhone models to offer 4K video recording. This feature had been rumored earlier but it wasn’t... [url]
  • Sony Xperia Z5 press images leak, 23MP rear camera with six-element lens confirmed

    Stefan Mileschin
    28 Aug 2015 | 5:32 am
    Barely a week before IFA 2015 kicks off, press images of the Sony Xperia Z5 have been leaked, confirming the upgraded 23MP rear camera. Although we have seen a number of Xperia Z5 leaked images so far, it is the first time that the camera specs have been confirmed. Chinese sources had recently indicated that... [url]
  • NYC cabs will test app-based system to challenge Uber

    Stefan Mileschin
    28 Aug 2015 | 5:31 am
    Around 7,000 NYC cabs are currently beta testing a new e-hail app called Arro, which the industry hopes can help it get back the customers it's lost to Uber. Arro isn't the first hailing app for cabs -- it actually works quite similarly to Uber --... [url] ig
  • Alienware Refreshes Lineup With Laptop Updates, And Liquid Cooled X51 Desktop

    Stefan Mileschin
    28 Aug 2015 | 5:31 am
    Today Alienware announced some refreshes to its lineup. On the laptop front, the Alienware 13, 15, and 17 notebooks have been updated, and the Alienware 18 notebook has made a comeback. The X51 Desktop is also refreshed, and can now be used with the same Alienware Graphics Amplifier that was available for the notebooks. [url]
  • Sony isn't intentionally keeping 'Until Dawn' off of Twitch

    Stefan Mileschin
    28 Aug 2015 | 5:31 am
    Right now, there's a bit of an issue going on with Twitch and the PlayStation 4's horror-movie-director simulator, Until Dawn. Yesterday the Twitch Support Twitter account posted that if you were using PS4's built-in Twitch sharing functionality tha... [url] ign=Engadget&ncid=rss_semi[
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    Rocks Digital

  • Creating Motivation That Moves Your To-Do to Done [Audio]

    John Nosal
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:59 am
    How To Discover What Motivates You Listen Now on Rocks Digital Audio Network “Find Your To-Do Motivation and Move To-Do to Done” Content Contributor: Patty Farmer Host: John Nosal He will discuss: Key ingredient to moving forward Segmenting tasks Rewarding yourself to create energy Listening on #RocksDigital How to Move To-Dos to Done by @PattyFarmer Host @JNosal #PodcastClick To Tweet Subscribe via email, RSS, iTunes or Stitcher. Access the archives. The post Creating Motivation That Moves Your To-Do to Done [Audio] appeared first on Rocks Digital.
  • Stop Doing Business Like It Is A “Dog Eat Dog” World And Start Succeeding

    Lissa Duty
    26 Aug 2015 | 8:56 am
    Do you want to succeed in life and business? Of course you do. Are you doing business like it is a “Dog Eat Dog” world? I know you automatically think “No” and that this article isn’t for you. But, are you really sure about that? I challenge you to continue reading and reflect on yourself and the actions you take each day. Before I dive into this more, what does “Dog Eat Dog” mean to you? According to Merriam-Webster: — used to describe a situation in which people compete with each other for success in a cruel and selfish way. It’s a dog-eat-dog business we’re in.
  • The Best FREE Social Media Image Sites To Rock Your Marketing

    Debra Jason
    25 Aug 2015 | 8:59 am
    Whether you’re posting images for your blog or for your social networks – from Facebook, Instagram or Google+ to Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn – here are my 5 favorite free tools that help you create cool graphics that rock! 5 Free Social Media Image Sites 1. WordSwag is one of my favorite apps for the iPhone (and one reason I selected an iPhone vs. an Android). You can pull in an image from your Camera Roll or search WordSwag for an image. Then, select from a variety of fun and creative fonts, brand it with your name, URL and/or logo and VOILA – you have created an image unique to…
  • How Healthy Living is Good Business [Audio]

    Alison Toyne
    24 Aug 2015 | 2:37 pm
    How Healthy Living is Good for Your Body and Business Listen Now on Rocks Digital Audio Network “Living Healthy is Just Good Business” Content Contributor: Clint Fuqua Host: Alison Toyne She will discuss: How the work day affects our bodies 5 strategies for living healthy daily How to get started TODAY Listening on #RocksDigital “Living Healthy is Just Good Business” by @CBFit #PodcastClick To Tweet Subscribe via email, RSS, iTunes or Stitcher. Access the archives. The post How Healthy Living is Good Business [Audio] appeared first on Rocks Digital.
  • Planning for Profit and Peak Productivity

    Patty Farmer
    24 Aug 2015 | 9:23 am
    One of the hardest things to do in today’s business environment is balancing the things in your business that you love to do with the things you need to do. Outsourcing the things we do not like to do or do not do well is the ideal solution; however, whether we are a solopreneur wearing all the hats, have a part time VA or a we have a whole team helping out, it can still be a juggling act. Sometimes we can be the bottleneck to things not getting done or delegated and that is because it is so easy to confuse activity with productivity. One of the questions I get asked most often is, how can…
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    Vlog Nation

  • Stream Con NYC Will Host a 3 Day Camp for Digital Creators

    Vlog Nation
    28 Aug 2015 | 1:41 am
    A digital content and creator convention is coming to the East Coast! Stream Con 2015 will be taking place in New York City. This three day event will bring together digital creators, fans, and industry professionals in one place. What really stands out to us is the creator camp that is being setup to take place at Stream Con. This three day camp is a great opportunity for the vlogging community to network and learn. Recently, we had a quick chat with Kelly Comboni from LeftField Media to learn a bit more about Stream Con’s Creator Camp, in addition to the convention, overall: Stream…
  • YouTube Gaming Vloggers: 6 Social Media Tips

    Vlog Nation
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:25 am
    If you have a gaming vlog channel on YouTube, you undoubtedly already know that social media is your friend. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms you can reach a wider audience and drive up your views and subscriptions significantly. If you consistently post quality content on social media that your viewers will want to read and see, you can really make your brand popular. So, what can you specifically do on social media to really make it work for you as a YouTube gaming vlogger? Check out these six helpful tips! Don’t Only Share Your YouTube Gaming Videos First, you…
  • 6 Great YouTube Resources for Vloggers

    Vlog Nation
    25 Aug 2015 | 1:34 am
    Do you ever have trouble figuring out whether or not you’re allowed to use a particular song for a video’s soundtrack? Have you ever been the last one to find out about a cool new tool that makes life a lot easier as you create your YouTube videos? Fortunately, there are actually a lot of great tools and resources available to YouTube creators, and there are dedicated online spaces to help you stay up to date on all of the latest, too. Here are a few helpful resources for YouTubers and vloggers. YouTube’s Audio Library Are you having trouble adding music to your YouTube videos due to…
  • Vlogging Success: 6 Tips for Audience Involvement on YouTube

    Vlog Nation
    24 Aug 2015 | 1:26 pm
    If you’ve been in the vlogging world for a while now, you’ve likely heard someone mention audience engagement. People will tell you that the best YouTube vloggers are really good at engaging with their viewers, and that’s very true! Why Audience Engagement Matters First, let’s talk about why you want to have an engaged vlog audience on your YouTube channel. An engaged audience doesn’t just passively watch your video and move on. When you engage with your audience and get them involved with the community surrounding your YouTube channel, you turn viewers into real fans. If your…
  • What is Patreon and How it Benefits Creators

    Vlog Nation
    21 Aug 2015 | 11:00 am
    If you’re a digital creator, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Patreon – a crowdfunding platform for creators everywhere! We love what Patreon does for artists in various industries and really wanted to share how the platform can benefit you as a vlogger or YouTuber. Recently, we got to speak with Heather Wilder from the awesome team at Patreon. She was kind enough to share tons of great information about the platform, and how it can benefit creators interested in crowdfunding: So, What is Patreon? Patreon is ongoing crowdfunding for artists and creators. Patrons…
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  • 20 Minuten

    24 Aug 2015 | 11:11 pm
    20 Minuten daily Newspaper Owned By: Express-Zeitung AG Editions : Basel, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Zurichand and Bern. Language : German Epaper URL : Country : Switzerland About the Newspaper It was launched in 1999 as a free daily (Tabloid format) by 20 Minuten Schweiz AG. It was acquired by  Express-Zeitung AG in 2005, which is jointly owned by Berner Zeitung (17.5%) and the majority share by Tamedia. It is available as 20 Minuten (German) and as 20 Minutes (French) language editions. It’s German edition’s circulation has crossed more than 4,94,000…
  • Blick am Abend

    24 Aug 2015 | 11:05 pm
    Blick am Abend daily Newspaper Owned By: Ringier Editions : Zurich Language : German Epaper URL : Country : Switzerland About the Newspaper It was established on 1st June, 2008 and began publishing from Zurich as a free evening daily newspaper. It has sister newspaper named Blick, a leading daily which is published from same city. Later, it made the headlines by launching a biweekly legal column to clarify the legal problems of it’s readers and expand it’s market to St. Gallen and Luzern/Zug. To be in touch with netizens, it also started an online…
  • Sakshi ePaper

    24 Aug 2015 | 9:42 pm
    About the Newspaper Owned By: Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy. Editions : Hyderabad, Bellary, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Adilabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Guntur, Tirupathi, Nellore, Bangalore, Warangal, Anantapur, Srikakulam, e.t.c. Language : Telugu Epaper URL : Country : India Visit About Sakshi ePaper It is the second largest circulated Telugu newspaper daily in India. It is owned by Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of late Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy (former C.M of Andhra Pradesh). It had set a new record by starting out with 23 editions for the first time in…
  • Eenadu ePaper

    24 Aug 2015 | 8:19 pm
    Eenadu Telugu Newspaper Owned By: Ramoji Rao (A serial entrepreneur and a notable politician in A.P. Editions : Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Kurnool, Rajahmundry, Tirupathi, Suryapet, Ananthapur, Guntur, Karimnagar, Srikakulam, Nellore, Warangal, Nizamabad, Tadepalligudem, Kadapa, Mahaboobnagar, Khammam, Ongole, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore. Language : Telugu Epaper URL : Country : India Visit About the Newspaper It is the largest circulated Telugu daily newspaper in the world. It is edited by Ch. Ramoji Rao (Owner of Ramoji Film City) and is printed /…
  • Pudhari ePaper

    12 Aug 2015 | 12:42 am
    About the Newspaper Owned By: Prathap Singh Jadhav. Editions : Maharasthra, Goa and Karnataka. Language : Marathi Epaper URL : Country : India Pudhari Marathi Newspaper It is a renowned Marathi Daily newspaper which holds a major market share in Western Maharasthra. It was established in the year 1937 during the Independence struggle movement. Since then, this newspaper publishes regular articles on national interest and it features different editions in the cities of Solapur, Ratnagiri, Mumbai, Satara, Pune, Kolhapur, Sindhudurg, Sangli, Nasik, Ahmednagar and Belgaum.
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    Kreata Global Blog

  • Case Study: Tiffany Biscuits Ramadan Instagram Campaign

    Kreata Global
    18 Aug 2015 | 9:30 pm
  • Case Study: LuLu Instagram Ramadan Campaign

    Kreata Global
    11 Aug 2015 | 9:30 pm
  • Google Introduces 360 Degree Video Ads on YouTube

    Kreata Global
    11 Aug 2015 | 3:53 am
    Youtube ads will now take a new turn (quite literally) with the introduction of 360-degree video ads on Chrome, Android and iOS. These interactive ads will let users move their mouse to look around the field while using a PC, or simply move their smartphone to shift their POV 360 degrees. Consumer interaction and sustained [...]
  • Top 8 Web Designing Trends in 2015

    Kreata Global
    4 Aug 2015 | 11:53 pm
    We are well into the second half of 2015 yet new trends in web designing seem to keep popping up every other day. Some of these trends seem to have caught up quite well, while some others are relatively new. Here’s a list of the top web designing trends that we are sure to keep [...]
  • Facebook to add the ‘Buy’ feature to retailers’ pages

    Kreata Global
    26 Jul 2015 | 1:17 am
    From bringing people closer to making brands more accessible, Facebook has given the word ‘social’ an all new meaning. And now, Facebook seems to be all set to turn into an ecommerce platform too. As first reported by BuzzFeed, Facebook is currently testing a shopping experience that allows users to buy items directly from business' [...]
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    Video Production Companies NYC | Best Video Production Company New York | Sinema Films

  • Corporate Video Production Companies: 6 Steps To Getting Stunning Videos From

    Sinema Films
    26 Aug 2015 | 5:00 pm
    How To Get Your Corporate Video Production Companies To Produce Beautiful Videos On The Cheap You are ready to try video marketing, and you are confident that the new corporate videos are going to put out are going to be the next viral hit. First things first: to find the best corporate video production companies, and while at it, the cheapest. Because cheap and quality always go together Smartly, you have deduced that given the budget at hand you may have to squeeze value out of the corporate video production companies you go with, and are now out for a how-to guide on getting the best out…
  • Video Production Companies: 5 Steps To Hiring Them

    Sinema Films
    22 Aug 2015 | 8:32 am
    You are ready to try video marketing, but first things first: to find the best video production companies to produce the video content. Below are some pointers on what to look for when evaluating some prospective video companies: Their Quality Meets Your Standard No production company is able to produce more than their quality of current portfolio. The best works in the portfolio is their highest level of quality, their worst videos, their lowest. Only hire a production company whose work you like. They Meet Both Your Production and Creative Needs Begin by identifying your creative needs. Do…
  • The Smart Way Of Getting Video Production Estimates

    Sinema Films
    20 Oct 2014 | 2:47 pm
    How To Forgo Cheap and Get Best Value For Your Dollar : A Guide Knowing what information to relay, and relaying that information clearly and uniformly across all the vendors you are considering for your project will help you get the correct video production estimates and identify the one that offers best value.   There is no way for you to compare costs and value offered by  different video production companies if you tell them something along the lines of ‘We want a beautiful video.’ Beautiful video means different things to each production company, and the production companies…
  • Does Your Video Branded Content Have The ‘It’ Factor ? 3 Key Questions For Brand Directors

    Sinema Films
    29 May 2014 | 4:00 am
    Branded video content can’t just be entertainment or we’ll watch it and not think of your brand at all, and it can’t be just about your brand, for then it is an ad, and we won’t want to watch it to begin with.   Creating engaging video content that will hold the attention of audiences is proving to be a challenge for both marketing departments and video production companies. Many videos that were produced using lots of resources have failed to launch and are dying a quiet death somewhere in the corners of the Internets. Marketers are now learning that to capture the attention of…
  • The Next Step After Video Production: 4 Tips To Ensure Your Digital Video Content is Found – And Watched

    Sinema Films
    23 May 2014 | 6:56 pm
    4 simple things to do to make sure that your audiences find and watch your video content. You have just received the video files from the video production company, and you have already sent it to the TV networks and posted it on YouTube. Phew, now you can sit back and relax. Err, not so fast. With the Internet being as crowded as it, you need to do a few more tasks to make sure that your audiences can find that killer content that you and your video production company worked so hard to produce. After all, videos are made to be watched. We offer 4 easy tips to make sure your masterpiece gets…
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    Pulp Strategy

  • The Lucky 13 for Good Content Marketing

    Content Connoisseur
    24 Aug 2015 | 10:45 pm
    Engaging your consumers with great content has to be a well thought out marketing tactic. We have shared this nugget with you time and again. Content marketing is the best way to not just engage with your consumers but also to share expert knowledge with them so that they can take a more informed and favourable purchase decision. It’s one of the prime reasons why, commercially, content marketing has been sighted as the most important digital marketing trend in 2015. It is needless to say that for effective content marketing your content needs to be flawless, interesting, and interactive…
  • 5 Fundamental Laws of Social Media Marketing

    Marketing Munshi
    11 Aug 2015 | 6:09 am
    Social media marketing is not just a buzzword anymore, it has become a fundamental. In the last few years, social media has emerged not only as a platform but as a building block of brand promotion. Like the laws of physics rationalize the order of the universe, there are fundamental laws of social media that determine the social behaviour of people on the internet. Let us understand the five fundamental laws of social media marketing. Listening - What sets social media apart from any other form of media is its power of listening. It is an interactive tool that enables you to get an…
  • Fuel Your Campus Marketing Strategy with Peer-to-Peer Marketing

    Marketing Munshi
    10 Jul 2015 | 5:16 am
    In this world of information overload, the future of reaching your consumers is peer-to-peer marketing. Buyers of today, rely less on the content created by the brands and more on recommendations from colleagues, friends, and the extended family. Peers influence the decision makers to a large extent when it comes to marketing. A source says that word-of-mouth recommendations from peers affect 92% buying decisions. That’s a huge number indeed! The best and the quickest way, thus, to reach your target audience is through people who can influence them. To achieve this you need to mobilize…

    Digital Wanderer
    14 Jun 2015 | 11:48 pm
    Marketers are shifting their digital priorities to social and mobile channels in 2015. They are focusing more on measuring the success of various mediums and then exploring the best option available. Revenue growth is the most important metric to measure success, followed by metrics that focus and highlights consumer satisfaction. The marketing scenario has drastically changed from what it was last year. In context of market trends that are catching up fast, here are the 4 keynotes that will help you improve your digital status in 2015 and beyond:   Create an amazing consumer…

    Digital Wanderer
    8 Jun 2015 | 12:06 am
    The digital era has changed the way people consume content and with mobile marketing catching up fast, brands and businesses have multiple channels to explore for communicating with the consumers. This has primarily made ‘being creative’ an important part of campaigns, initiatives and communication to break the clutter and stand out. But being creative alone won’t help, the campaign and communication needs to be effective as well. A creative and effective campaign is an outcome of marketers’ understanding of their target audience. Marketers’ level of…
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  • Vision India 2020

    28 Aug 2015 | 1:35 pm
    Before we begin this article is written by Sramana Mitra, the founder of One Million by One Million (1M/1M), a global virtual incubator that aims to help one million entrepreneurs globally to reach $1 million in revenue and beyond. She is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and strategy consultant, she writes the blog Sramana Mitra On Strategy, and is author of the Entrepreneur Journeys book series and Vision India 2020. From 2008 to 2010, Mitra was a columnist for Forbes. As an entrepreneur CEO, she ran three companies: DAIS, Intarka, and Uuma. Sramana has a master’s degree in electrical…
  • Sharing files over Ethernet through Bittorrent Client Application.

    28 Aug 2015 | 4:12 am
    You need to create the torrent consisting of the files that you need to share with other people. If the size of the shared files are around 2 GB then create the torrent following the steps below. Step 1: Go to your Bit torrent client and choose create torrents option Step 2: Add files or folders and leave all other options as they are and click on create torrent button.   If the size of the torrents are more than 2 GB then the bit torrent client application gives an error. So we need to download an application called qMakeTorrent and download windows/linux releases as required. Create…
  • Sensex bloodbath – The Inside story

    24 Aug 2015 | 10:51 am
    Two immediate questions arise: what has caused the jitters in markets, and how much should investors worry? The first is the easier to answer; the sea of red is down to China and the Fed. Start with China. The proximate cause for all this is a chain of events that began with the surprise devaluation of the yuan on August 11th. More than $5 trillion has been wiped off on global stock prices since then. Today’s Chinese-market meltdown seems to have been driven by disappointing data on Friday, which suggested that China’s industrial activity is slowing sharply, and by the failure of…
  • We Speak English!

    Ashwani Ashish
    21 Jul 2015 | 11:43 pm
    How frequently does one gets prompted to write? How often does one boasts upon having an anglicized instinctive? Well, I have been to various places in the country owing to my passion for writing, and the more I travel, the more incidents I get to pen down. Recently, I was getting down at Howrah Junction, when a young frivolous stroller collided with me. Showing some courtesy, I genially apologized, though certainly I wasn’t guilty. I expected a similar reciprocating gesture from the other side, but the fellow decried me to be the defaulter. Being an engineer, I thought off the incident to…

    Ashwani Ashish
    2 Jul 2015 | 4:04 am
    ALL THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The Indira Gandhi indoor stadium on Wednesday appeared way too small in terms of accommodation when Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Digital India Week” to take a gigantic leap in the quest to make the services provided by the IT sector reach one and all. Narendra Modi has always been a avid technology patron. This is often exhibited when he posts on facebook, twitter or instagram. The world knows about his obsession with selfies. The launch of “Digital India” campaign with an expected expenditure of Rs. 1.13 lakh crores speaks seconding the same.
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